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When it rains, it really pours

Here Comes Everybody

Robert Montgomery

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Jubilee slouches in the settee

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Yes Future

Sean Hart
Yes Future (2011)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Davide’s Renaissance

Photo by Adarsha Benjamin

Davide’s Renaissance
Giuseppe Veneziano
Painted bronze
270x140x185 cm

Corporations are getting better and better at seducing us into thinking the way they think—of profits as the telos and responsibility as something to be enshrined in symbol and evaded in reality. Cleverness as opposed to wisdom. Wanting and having instead of thinking and making. We cannot stop it. I suspect what’ll happen is that there will be some sort of disaster—depression, hyperinflation—and then it’ll be showtime: We’ll either wake up and retake our freedom or we’ll fall apart utterly. Like Rome—conqueror of its own people.

David Foster Wallace, The Pale King 130 (2011).

Now I am a was

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Happy Days

Samuel Beckett by Alex Martinez (Notting Hill, London, England, UK)

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WINNIE: That is what I find so wonderful, that not a day goes by — to speak in the old style — hardly a day, without some addition to one’s knowledge however trifling, the addition I mean, provided one takes the pains. And if for some strange reason no further pains are possible, why then just close the eyes — and wait for the day to come — the happy day to come when flesh melts at so many degrees and the night of the moon has so many hundred hours.

Happy Days, a play by Samuel Beckett

Making Bacon

Cūku bēres ("pig slaughter") by Gunārs Binde, 1968

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