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Day 17/07/2011

A Studio Apartment Is Not a Dance Studio Apartment

Seven-year-old boy #1: When I grow up I want a three-bedroom apartment.
Seven-year-old boy #2: Yeah, I’m gonna have a whole room just for food.
Seven-year-old boy #3: I’m gonna have a room just for dancing.
Seven-year-old boy #1: But you don’t dance now. You hate dancing.
Seven-year-old boy #3: If I had a room to do it in, I’d dance.

–111th & Broadway

(via Overheard in New York)


The human navel should be designated as a bacterial nature reserve, it seems. The first round of DNA results from the Belly Button Biodiversity project are in, and the 95 samples that have so far been analyzed have turned up more than 1,400 bacterial strains. In 662 cases, the microbes could not even be classified to a family, “which strongly suggests that they are new to science,” says team leader Jiri Hulcr of North Carolina State University in Raleigh.

(via Washington Post)