Mr. Speaker, tear down this pizza wall

New York has a new state budget. The $132.5 billion budget contains a 2 percent spending cut and eliminates $10 billion, with historic cuts to schools, public colleges, social service programs and health care.

The spending plan passed on time in the early hours of Thursday morning, but the news was overshadowed by noisy day-long protests at the Capitol.

… As dinnertime approached, tensions came to a head when state officials tried to deny the demonstrators the delivery of pizzas.

The protesters, who intended to stay overnight at the Capitol, were counting on 70 pizzas to sustain them through the night. But state troopers, who allowed legislative staff to have food delivered, at first denied the pizza delivery, leading to chants of “no pizza, no peace.”

Finally two Democratic Senators from the New York City, Kevin Parker and Bill Perkins, intervened.

(via WNYC, State Legislature Passes On-Time Budget Amid Protests)

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