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Day 25/03/2010

Explaining a Gaza atrocity

Norman Finkelstein speaks at Harvard Law School tonight about the Goldstone Report. A teaser:

I was rereading the Israeli Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center’s 350-page response to Goldstone: Hamas and the Terrorist Threat from the Gaza Strip: The main findings of the Goldstone Report versus the factual findings. It is such an embarrassment that you almost — I said almost — begin to feel sorry for the authors. If you have read the Goldstone report, you will recall the harrowing passages [Paragraphs 1112-26] of Palestinians forced to kneel blindfolded and handcuffed in sandpits surrounding Israeli tanks that are firing away or moving back and forth.

So, listen to what this Israeli report conjures up: “Hamas operatives would position innocent civilians near IDF tanks to prevent IDF soldiers from shooting at them” (p. 196). You get it: a “Hamas operative” drags a Palestinian civilian in front of an Israeli tank and then says: “You stand right here to make sure the Israeli tank squad doesn’t fire at us.” No doubt the tank squad obliged and stood idly by.

(via Mondoweiss)