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Day 15/03/2010

Wash. Post: Discord at the ‘End of the Earth’

I had a short exchange with Ray Acheson and Bruce Gagnon today, regarding the Washington Post report that there is discord in Afghanistan (Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Marine unit gone rogue, or leading the way?, Wash. Post, Mar. 14, 2010, at A1). I haven’t been following really the strategic elements of the Obama escalation, but this article suggests that operations in Delaram are “far from a strategic priority for senior officers at the international military headquarters in Kabul. One calls Delaram, a day’s drive from the nearest city, ‘the end of the Earth.’ Another deems the area ‘unrelated to our core mission’ of defeating the Taliban by protecting Afghans in their cities and towns.” However,

Texas Conservatives Approve Changes to School Curriculum

Democracy Now: Texas Conservatives Approve Changes to School Curriculum

Conservatives on the Texas Board of Education have approved a series of major changes to the state’s social studies curriculum. The new curriculum stresses the superiority of American capitalism, questions the separation of church and state, and presents Republican political philosophies in a more positive light.